I wouldn’t recommend this bus company to my worst enemy!! 

I rented a bus from this company with the understanding that we would have it from 10pm to 3am.  I tried to call them several times to find out why they had a double booking (6pm to 9:30am) and received absolutly no response.  They did arrive, however the bus was filthy; floor was wet, trash was full, empty bottles in cup holders and there were foot prints on the toilet seat. 

The driver explained to us that she did not know how to use the GPS in the bus and requested we enter in the addresses on the list we gave her.  She also noted several times that she was extremely uncomfertable driving in downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Our evening was cut short due to an abrupt stop by the driver causing many of our passengers to fly to the front of the bus and one to receive a moderate injury.  She had flown into the stairwell and hit the door.  Our driver was unable to assess the situation and freaked out.  When we asked for the first aid kit, we found it was not properly filled.  The driver informed us that the light turned red and she needed to make an abrupt stop.  We were dropped off 2 hours before the end of our reservation.  A few passengers were quite shaken from the events and others had bruises and pains from flying out of their seats.

After not hearing from the owner/manager for 48 hours I called to hear that the manager did know of the incident but had forgotten all about it.  When I explained what happened I received no apology and resistance to any refund.  After 45 minutes he reluctantly agreed to talk to his boss for a refund and was promised a call back by the end of the day.  I did not receive a call until the following day.  However, he was unaware that he was calling me.  He explained to me that he had not talked to his boss but would be doing so shortly.  That night I received an email stating the credit had been made; but it was a sale.  He charged us an extra $200!  I called immediatly and he thought I was making it up.  After a promise of making the correction the next morning I thought it would be over.  But it wasn’t.  He was no longer answering my calls and I had my fiance call.  The manager then asked why I was calling as he said he would do it in the morning.  My fiance’s response, “did you do it?” he replied with a no.  As my fiance waited on the phone he made the correction.

Catholic values targetted by Obama Administration

Not that I’m a big Catholic – I’m not – but it’s clear that Obama and his far left Democratic  Administration have moved on from Christians in general to Roman Catholics in particular. They have given all Catholic health care facilities, universities, etc one year in which to comply with dispensing drugs, procedures and advice on contraception and abortion. And so the Statist noose tightens using taxpayer funds to advance a unilateral anti-religious position. The Catholic Church made a mistake in supporting Obamacare and now they’re paying the price. But I can practically see the forked tongue of the Left saying to the Church “C’mon. Just this once. Sacrifice your ideals. It’ll be good for everyone in the end.”

In Obama’s America, only Muslims and Atheists are given consideration. And what’s most alarming is the growing trend of Anti-Semitism among the countryy’s ‘elite intellectuals’ which began as an anti-Israel position and has now grown into an Occupy Wall Street protester sneearing and yelling as a man in a yamulke and calling him a ‘Mondey Jew’. This is not our America. This is the American of Communists, Socialsts and Statist who will, of course, be the ony ones above suspicion and riding in private jets.


Mess at the Met

I purchased online tickets for the ALexander McQueen exhibit to avoid waiting on line . Not only did I wait over an hour outside with the people who didn’t have tickets…..,when I got inside I was told it was closed because there were too many people waiting. Security issues . Lines would reopen again but they didn’t know when. If they can’t handle the masses they should either extend the exhibit or tell people outside that it was temporarily closed so they have the option to leave and come back later. I’ve already requested a refund from Amex.

a novel idea

Load the Brooklyn miscreant that butchered that helpless little boy, Casey Anthony and the deranged Norwegian piece of afterbirth on a garbage barge. Send it out to sea and sink it


Can You Believe This?

Can You Believe This?

“Two researchers said they have uncovered a hidden file on Apple Inc. iPhones that keeps a record of where the phone has been and when it was there–a database that is unencrypted and stored by default.
The security experts, Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, also created a program that lets iPhone owners see what the device has stored about their whereabouts. The maps produced by the program show details stretching back months.”
-Wall Street Journal

Fed Up and doing something about it.

Legendary ad man Jerry Della Femina blames Barack Obama for having to sell his restuarant, houses,newspaper, and advertising business.He claims the country is in love with an attractive,great-
speechmaking hustler/socialist.He writes,” I’ m not ready to pay more
tax money than the next guy because I provide jobs and because I
work a 60 hour week and I earn more than $250, 000 a year.

as the US Post Office slowly sinks into oblivion…

This is a government ‘company’ that loses $8 billion a year. So they can’t seem to find the  money to paint or keep things in repair or upgrade their systems from cubbies to computers. Now, in another stupid marketing move, they’re trying to get money through trickery. I mailed a letter. It had 3 regular pages in a standard letter envelope. It was only going across town. It was way less than 4 oz. I put a ‘Forever’ stamp on it. (Another example of genius Post Office marketing – you buy the forever stamp and it’s good no matter how much the rates go up.) Two days later, the letter is returned with an insufficient postage notice. They wanted $1.79! And where does this money go? To the paid holidays and sick days, guaranteed raises, healthcare and pension benefits of their union workers. Yeah. That’ll work.